Do You Ever Feel Overwhelmed By Your Own Vision?
You Just Don't Know How To Do It, Where To Start Or How To Break It All Down?
Have You Been Struggling With These Questions...
How do I find my voice, discover my message and area of specialty?
How do I start and gain initial experience?
How to target and reach my audience?
How to build a list of dedicated followers?
How to establish myself locally, regionally, nationaly or worldwide?
How do I position myself as an authority or expert in the market?

You Are Still Interested, You Believe In Yourself, But At The Same Time You’re Confused, Unclear & Simply Overwhelmed

You Still Feel You Need That Special Someone To Do It With You, To Show You How Or Even Do It For You

Someone who has had decades of experience and has done it without the initial need for all of the tech-based tools, resources, and their lengthy learning curves.  Someone who can show you how to start locally right in your home area, with time-tested, no or low-tech systems that can help you become a specialist, authority or real expert and start generating income within weeks not years.

Perhaps You Already Have An Established Business But Are Struggling To...


  • Separate Yourself From Your Competition
  • Become Seen As A Top Professional In Your Space
  • Generate Regular, Consistent Income & Profitability
  • Take Your Business To The Next Level


Whether You Are A Beginner Having Trouble Getting Started Or A Current Entrepreneur Desiring To Take Your Business To The Next Level By Becoming A Credible, Highly-Visible, Recognized Expert In Your Market, This Is The "Something Special" You've Been Missing! 

The Final Piece To Your Equation - The “I Can Finally Do This" System You’ve Been Searching For


Start To Create Your Expert Entrepreneur Platform

Start Making Regular Income - No-Tech/Low-Tech

Stop Making Excuses

Become A Highly-Paid Expert

Monetize Your Knowledge

Compound Your Business To Advanced Levels

Create The Proper Expert Foundation To Grow & Susustain Your Business

Leverage And Scale Your Expert Positioning To Build Your Dream Business & The Lifestyle You’ve Always Dreamed Of


Finally A Program Where You Can Expect Results & Create Your Own Success

The Expert Entrepreneur is a comprehensive education, training and business development system based on time-tested, real world results.

Training And Resources For Today’s Thought Leaders, Authors, Speakers, Coaches, Seminar Leaders And InfoMarketers

Robinn is an expert in helping others create their Expert positioning of their message through speaking, authorship, becoming a press and media personality, packaging and delivering their message though product sales, coaching, live events and target marketing.

Robinn has been developing talent of all levels from beginners to longtime professionals for nearly four decades.

Avoid Overwhelm        

The Expert Entrepreneur’s sequential learning & implementation allows you to prioritize your learning and your efforts for maximum results while preventing overwhelm, allowing you focused learning and implementation one component at a time.

                                                               Finally, stop your Shinny-Object Syndrome, always searching from the newest, next-best-thing. Avoid the                                                                                   struggles, setbacks, wasted time, effort and money trying to figure it out on you own.


The Expert Entrepreneur Is Designed For Those Interested In Becoming Established Experts In Their Business, Profession Or Industry, For Beginners, Existing Experts, Entrepreneurs And Service Professionals


Including Authors, Speakers, Coaches, Experts, Infopublishers, Infomarketers, small business owners, service providers and home-based business owners.

The Expert Entrepreneur covers the primary foundational pillars and cornerstones of becoming an real, credible Expert, with hands-on, in-depth opportunities for you to take the stage to present your message to targeted audiences, while providing your audiences with a chance to work with you and purchase your products for greater experiencing of your message and platform.

Best Of All - No Tech To Start

Robinn’s time-tested systems allow you to finally start gaining real-world experience and making money

Without Having To Worry About All Of The Tech And Other External Services You Must Purchase & Subscribe To And Then Have To First Learn

Learn to operate from an industry perspective and point of view rather than an individual point of view for greater impact and results.

The Expert Entrepreneur is not a get-rich-quick program based on “looks good on paper” theories - this is a comprehensive system for creating a credible, legitimate, sustainable business as an established Expert.

The Expert Entrepreneur allows you create a complete Business Operational System to enhance, support, sustain and even scale your business through Robinn’s own  “Do It With You™” and “Do It For You™” business format options.



The internet and information age has created a new generation on “fake-experts” and “pseudo-gurus” which are really nothing more than online marketers selling and promoting sub-par content, products and false promises. These “fake-experts” are exactly what Mark Cuban calls “Wantrepreneurs!”    

Many of them are in business to sell products, not create lasting, sustainable business success. For most this is only a money-sucking, time-consuming waste of your valuable time and money.

They are making it harder for those without the proper knowledge and experience to separate the established, real experts from these “pseudo-experts.”

For Many Of You, This Has Turned Your Dream Into A Nightmare… And You’re Ready To Wake Up!

In reality, there is a difference from a manufactured “fake-expert wantrepreneur” and an actual specialist, authority or expert based on knowledge, experience and credibility.

Today, the internet is filled with online gurus that claim to have the secrets to live your dream through their homemade iPhone videos, tutorials, books, programs and more, each promising an “automated, hands-off” approach of simplicity to “put your business on auto-pilot.” They proclaim that “anyone can be an expert!”     
Rather than helping you, they provide you with their cookie-cutter ”secrets” that are incomplete, confusing, often
conflicting, and ultimately prevent you from ever really getting out of the starting block, falsely believing all you
need to do is pick an area of specialty and take it to social media to find unlimited success.     
First, there’s an opt-in page, and opt-in-videos, then a thank you page, then complete autoresponder email
sequences, Facebook ads, Facebook live events, more videos, SEO, Adwords, lead pages, blogs, lead magnets,
testimonials and social proof, a launch formula …and it just continues on and on. You get sucked into a world of
online marketing, tech and “digital overwhelm and overload.”     

Are you building your business for algorithms or clients?

All Of This, Just For You To Get Started!

(It is simply not necessary - read on…)

Do You Ever Feel Overwhelmed By Your Own Vision?  

You Just Don't Know How To Do It, Where To Start Or How To Break It All Down?

Have You Been Struggling With These Questions…
How do I find my voice, discover my message and area of specialty?
How do I start and gain initial experience?
How to target and reach my audience?
How to build a list of dedicated followers?
How to establish myself locally, regionally, nationally or worldwide?
How do I position myself as the authority or expert in the market?
  • You’ve got shelves filled with books, DVDs, audio programs, courses
  • You’ve attended live events, seminars, webinars
  • You’ve listened to countless podcasts and CDs
  • You are bombarded by guru’s emails on a daily basis
  • You have many great ideas, plans and concepts in your head
  • You’ve continued to think “I know I could really do this”
Entrepreneurs, Speakers, Authors, Consultants, Coaches, Seminar Leaders, InfoPublishers, Thought Leaders, Change Specialists, Service Providers, Podcasters & Small Business Owners...

Yet, you feel something is still missing...

You may have even previously had a trial or false-start before. You know something is holding you back - overwhelm, all of the tech or uncertainty.